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Welcome to Wesup Torquay Marina! If you’re looking for exciting things to do in Torquay, stand up paddle boarding (SUP) is a perfect activity for the whole family! We offer group lessons, private lessons and equipment hire. 

Looking for things to do in Torquay, why not try Wesup!

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You’ll experience our sub-tropical water, a dazzling coastline with tonnes of wildlife, caves and awesome rock formations.

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If you are looking for things to do in Torquay which offer a little extra adventure, our coastal paddle board tours are a beautiful and gentle way to experience Torquay from a whole new perspective! Keep your eyes peeled for exciting wildlife such as seals and diving seabirds as we tour one of the most mesmerising stretches of coastline in the UK.

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If you’re local and looking for regular things to do in Torquay, why not take a look at Club Wesup. Our SUP club is an ultra accessible, supremely friendly and incredibly adventurous group of new and old friends. We are all ages, all abilities and all levels of fitness. We are bound by our love of being in the natural environment and sharing unique social experiences on and off the water!