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Seafood Night

Bought to you by wesup

cooked for you by the seafood cook

Fresh Torbay fish

Bring some med to your Monday.

Who loves summer style mederteranian seafood? In an effort to keep the sunshine vibes at Wesup this winter, the Seafood Cook is taking over our house next Monday for our first pop-up seafood feast night. 

Think about those special dinners you’ve enjoyed on your mediterain holiday last year – Fish served straight out of the ocean, simple but immaculately seasoned and cooked to perfection… Well that’s exactly what we’re offering as we bring the holiday dinner to you!

In true Wesup style, this night is all about the experience and great taste! You’ll enjoy freshly landed fish directly from the Brixham fishing fleet and farm fresh ingredients from local markets. We have a beautifully concise list of wines and of course, perfectly served Salcombe Gin. 

All these delicious delights will be enjoyed under lushus lowlights, great music and the friendliest service you could wish for! There are just 30 exclusive seats to this event, you’ll each enjoy 3 dishes with an optional dessert for just £35. The table will be yours for the whole evening between 6.30 and 10pm and we’d encourage you to come early, relax and soak up the whole night’s atmosphere.

New Menu pending


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