Breakfast Club joining fee...

An exciting social wellness club just landed in Torquay! 

This is how it will work…

There are 4 drop-in wellness for you choose between SUP Yoga | Running | Paddleboarding | Studio Yoga.

Each class starts at 7.30am on Saturday and 9am on Sunday… You can mix it up and come to what ever class you fancy and no previous experience is required and all levels of fitness and flexibility are totally welcome! Our sessions are all about energy and social motivation, not hard-core fitness!

Each weekend, we’ll all meet at WEDO for 7am to soak up the energy of the group before dispersing for your hour long activity. We then all meet back at WEDO, shower and change (if you want to) and then get social!! Meet new like-minded people, share your fitness aspirations and personal goals and just embrace the early morning energy of all us Do’ers!!

We’ll have beautiful artisan coffee served just the way you like it, a nice selection of tea’s and a delicious offering of light breakfast treats from our early energy menu if you have time to stick around.

Sound fun? Follow the link then and book your place!.


Free of Charge. Just rock up and run!

Led by our very own Dom, the goal is to lead a supremely accessible run club for people who love the mornings, love the natural environment and love sharing their running experience with like-minded people. We are dog-friendly 


£8 per session for Club WeSUP members or £15 drop-in fee

Let Sophie Christie of Barefoot Wandering guide you through a beautiful soothing yoga flow on our Stand Up Paddleboards. Rafted in a ring of movement, the wobbly board under your extending body makes for a really fun and dynamic way to energise and move in the morning.


Free for Club WeSUP members or £15 drop in fee

Stood up, gliding out of the sheltered environment of the luxury yacht marina is an experience in itself. Then look up at the colours of the natural environment, watch the diving sea birds and fish beneath your feet and let the feelings flood into your body. Stand Up Paddleboarding is a gentle way to nourish your soul and energise the start of your day.